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Visual Inspection

Visual Inspection

Visual Inspection Criteria for Anti-Counterfeiting Services

Visual inspection criteria employed by Retronix adheres to the standards IDEA-STD-1010-B, MIL-STD-883G and the mechanical dimension criteria of product data sheets. Retronix also performs automated mechanical inspection tests on ICs.

Each order sent to Retronix for Visual Inspection will first of all be checked externally. We will check the packaging condition (Outer labels checked), carrier tape/trays condition, humidity indicator and desiccant are present.

The actual devices will be inspected for correct markings, country of origin, datecodes, blacktopping, contamination, lead defects, tool/sand markings, logo markings, and construction defects.

These tests will not only find remarked devices they will also be able to tell if your components are NEW and UNUSED, as Refurbished components are also classed as Counterfeit if sold as New and Unused.

For recovered components by Retronix we will confirm the condition of your parts and document all findings.

Below are just a few examples of Counterfeit Components:

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