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PCB Rework & Repair Services



Retronix offers a suite of PCB repair & rework services in a fully controlled ESD compliant facility, working to recognized IPC and JEDEC workmanship standards, and our skilled workforce is trained and continually assessed by our own on-site trainers.

We offer an alternative to costly investment in rework equipment, and a ‘turn on turn off’ solution to your pcb repair requirements.

Our facilities are fully ISO 9000:2000 accredited and we use the latest software controlled circuit board repair Stations to ensure accurate profile settings for the most complex reworks.

Retronix offers a fast turnaround and cost effective service for PCB rework & repair. We can perform BGA reworks including lead free, ceramic BGAs and column grid array. Using IC Rescue, our unique BGA reballing service with which we can safely remove a misplaced BGA, reball it using laser technology, then place it back on the PCB correctly. Our services include:

  • Pad & Track Repair/Laminate Repair
  • Rework/Engineering Change Notices
  • Component Level Debug
  • Inspection/Verification


Retronix can carry out a circuit board repair on any physical damage on a PCB. The most common repair is surface mount pad and track damage, caused by poor rework.

IC Rescue involves:

  • Removing the component safely
  • Carrying out any circuit board repair and testing electrically to verify repair
  • Reballing the BGA or desoldering the SMT PCBA if required so that it is ready to reuse
  • Replacing the original component


Retronix also repairs laminate damage, such as burnt laminate, soldermask damage, and gold edge connector repair.



Retronix can carry out any rework to an assembly in order to update or affect a repair. This includes:

  • Changing a BGA or other SMT component using either hot air or infra red
    rework systems to ensure safety of component. If the BGA has just got a
    placement problem, we can use our laser BGA reballing system to reuse it safely.
  • Changing a PTH device using an individual desoldering tool or miniwave
  • Adding wire modifications to change the circuit
  • Changing chip capacitors/resistors


Retronix can offer PCB debug and repair services over a specific product. Using IC Rescue, our unique recovery process, we become self sufficient for parts by harvesting parts from PCBs that are beyond repair (maybe have had too many repair cycles carried out on them). This service is unique, in that combining the debug service with a component recovery programme, reduces the overall cost of the repaired unit.

We focus on the PCB itself, offering in depth component analysis & repair.

We also offer troubleshooting teams of debug technicians/repairers who can go into a customer’s facility and work on their bone pile of PCBs internally, turning inventory into sales. All services are available worldwide.


We use a number of methods to verify the success of the repair, including:

  • 3D X-Ray
  • “Under the Component” Visual Inspection
  • Microscope Inspection
  • Functional Test