Ionic Testing

Identify Counterfeit/Faulty ICs

Ionic Testing

What is an IONIC Test? Why is it required?

  • IONIC TEST – Ionic contamination testing is required as ionic residues remaining from both the PCB manufacturing and the soldering process may affect the reliability of the finished assembly.
  • In humid environments ionic contaminants can lead to problems such as shorting by electrolytic dendrite growth, corrosion that erodes the conductors etc.
  • It is therefore important to monitor the level of ionic contamination which is a good indicator of the cleanliness and thereby the expected reliability of the assembly.

Retronix IONIC Test Features

  • Ionic contamination is measured by immersing a sample in a test solution to dissolve the contaminants.
  • The dissolved ionic substances cause a change in conductivity of the test solution; this change is precisely measured and converted into a contamination value expressed as μg/cm2 NaCl equivalence.
  • Retronix will provide a full report which will detail the contamination value, the type of device and the sample size.

Retronix meets all international and military specifications

IPC-J-STD 001E & IPC-TM-650

MIL-STD 2000


DEF standard 00-10/3

IEC specifications