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Flash Memory Test

Flash Memory Test | Memory Programming

Checking for Counterfeit Programmable components

Our flash memory test uses programmers to check for Counterfeit Programmable components. Using this Flash memory test tool, we can easily check device ID codes and confirm if your devices are BLANK or already programmed.

Retronix has on hand multiple Programmers which cover over one hundred thousand different programmable supported part. These range from FLASH to NAND to Programmable PICs. We can also check ( If supported ) SRAM parts.

Counterfeit checking Programmable parts that contain ID locations is a very simple IC test and the software used will flag any issues.

This is a very effective and well trusted flash memory test.

For recovered programmable components, this IC test can be used to ERASE the device if already programmed.

Example of a Counterfeit Flash Part caught during test at Retronix:

Flash Memory Test

In this instance a 16Gb Flash part was remarked as an 8Gb.

This simple test can be used for the majority of programmable components.