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Increase the returns you currently make by a factor of 50.

Many tonnes of PCBs are sent for precious metal recovery daily. Included in these otherwise redundant PCBs are millions of $ of ICs that can easily be reused on other products.

It makes sense to remove these for reuse, as they can be sold separately, and they make little difference to the precious metal recovery value of the PCB, so won’t affect the current process recyclers are using.

Electronic components recycling is not recommended by the IC manufacturers though, as the current unsafe processes exceed the amount of reflow cycles allowed on an IC when recycling the component – up until now.

Retronix has developed IC Rescue, a process that removes ICs from PCBs and fully refurbishes them with zero reflow cycles. Traditional methods used 3 reflow cycles, therefore exceeding the total amount recommended by the IC manufacturers. IC Rescue uses unique processes such as laser BGA reball, and utilises mechanical and electrical test to ensure component reliability.

By recovering ICs from these PCBs through Retronix electronic component recycling process, companies can realise 50 times the revenue achieved by recovering precious metal alone, as well as helping the environment by sending less material to landfill.

This process also eliminates counterfeit device trading, as the ICs are still on the PCB, so are genuine. These recovered ICs are sold as legitimate “Retronix certified” components, not as new parts.

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Electronic Components Recycling

How do we know that the components on the failed PCBs are reliable?

There will always be a certain number of failures when PCBs are manufactured. Typical causes of failure are:

  1. Paste issues
  2. Raw PCB faults
  3. Rogue solder joint


Which has got nothing to do with the most valuable part of the PCBA – the ICs. These ICs, as they are brand new and unused, will be in perfect working order.

By recycling electronic components, up to 50 times the value can be realised from the scrap. The treated scrap, with components removed, could then be sent to Asia, thereby also eliminating counterfeiting and the recirculation of faulty and degraded parts.

Until now these new and unused components were unable to be removed safely and without damage. However, our R & D team have developed a unique and revolutionary process which allows the safe removal of components and results in it being more economical to recycle than to throw away.

When new components are scarce, as is often the case, their recovery becomes even more important and even more profitable.

The risk of dealing in counterfeit components has increased with the 2012 US National Defence Authorization Act. As this global issue becomes more and more of a problem, the ramifications, sentences and fines are becoming increasingly severe.

However, it also creates an opportunity. Authenticated, fully traceable, recycled components will be in far greater demand. Retronix can ensure authenticity and traceability for ALL your components.

The components will be safely and efficiently removed from the PCBs at your premises if necessary.

  1. You will receive all the funds released from your scrapped boards.
  2. Your components will be transferred to our specialised facility in Scotland where they will be recycled using our proven, safe process.
  3. The components will be thoroughly examined by our in-house testing department with the test results, and the history of each part, fully documented and certificates issued to you.
  4. You can trace your components, at any time, via our global inventory system, so that you can always be sure where each individual part is.
  5. Your recycled, certified and authenticated components will be sold and your share will be vast compared to the return that would result with sending them to a smelter.