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Sep 22, 2014

Retronix : XRF Analysis | Solderability Tests

Retronix has invested in it’s “in house tests” capability in order to offer a better service to it’s customers who need alloy conversion or retinning services on their components.


Retronix IC Tests


Retronix have in house solderability testing capability, which verifies that the components sent in for alloy refresh, have no oxidisation and therefore will have no solderability problems. This is an issue for low volume users of ICs (such as aerospace/defence) where components may have been exposed to the atmosphere and developed oxidisation issues on the terminations, which could lead to soldering issues.


For alloy conversion we have in house XRF capability, to measure the metal composition of a termination. This is necessary for customers in “high-end” industries such as aerospace/ oil&gas/defence who use Retronix to convert from lead free to lead alloy.


The XRF test allows us to verify the termination has indeed been converted to tin/lead. One of the reasons to do this is to avoid tin whisker issues.


Tin Whiskers


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