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May 6, 2015

Retronix successfully organise an OPEN day for their customers in Belgium

Retronix in partnership with ARCOSS organised an OPEN day on 23rd April, 2015 at Retie, Belgium. Many existing and potential customers were invited to the workshop to focus on the problems of Tin Whiskers in High reliability industries.

Joe Tumilty (European Business Development Manager) and Ben Verwaest (ARCOSS) welcomed the participants from 7 different companies.

Joe proceeded to make a presentation on the Problem of Tin Whiskers, covering various topics such as : 

Tin Whisker Mitigation

(1) Why do Tin Whiskers occur?
(2) How did the industry react?
(3) What problems occur if Tin whiskers appear?
(4) Is there any way to avoid this problem?
(5) What are the solutions present?


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This was then followed by a discussion and interaction with the companies on the problems faced by them on their systems and applications and how Retronix can provide solutions.

Retronix - Industry leaders in automated alloy conversion and re-tinning

 The event managed to make the participants aware that how real and close the impact of Tin whiskers is to them and their electronic applications.

 Here is what Joe Tumilty had to say about the event : 

“As the initial Retronix/Arcoss Open Day seminar for 2015 – there was a very encouraging attendance that created a very informative discussion with key customers around the mitigation of tin whiskers. The information in the presentation was very well received and the customer focus was clearly around what mitigating steps could be applied and in particular the automatic alloy conversion processes for bot leaded and BGA devices. Further customer discussions have already been booked and specific parts issues addressed. Always a good, healthy discussion can be evident when the event actually ran over the allotted time !”


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