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Jul 9, 2018

Retronix at the Ministry of Defence Counterfeit Awareness Event 2018

Retronix attended the Ministry of Defence Counterfeit Awareness Event 2018, held on 5th July at BAWA conference centre in Bristol.

Keynote speaker was Samantha des Forges, Head of Fraud Defence, and the conference included panel-led workshops focused on a range of procurement counterfeit and fraud challenges. The panels consisted of experts from Defence Industry, Ministry of Defence and consultancies to provide perspectives on these challenges, before opening the discussion more widely amongst delegates. The aim of the workshops was to encourage debate, share leading practices and identify future joint working opportunities between MOD and the Defence Industry.

Other key speakers included –

Air Vice- Marshal Michael Quigley (MoD, DE&S, Director Safety & Environment, Quality and Technology), David Moore (MoD, Quality Assurance, Field Force East, Regional Team Leader), Kevin Mulloy (MoD, DE&S, Independent Safety Advisor)

Rob Ronan (UK Sales & Support Manager, Retronix) who attended the event said –

“A larger turn out than previous events which are normally held at Abbey Wood, due to the fact that the MOD employees were taken out of their working environment to an offsite facility, it meant they stayed engaged in the event rather than being drawn back to their desks to carry on with their day to day tasks. A larger focus on the industrial sector with the Ministry of Defence looking to see what the progress is within this sector and what they can learn from it. The event also followed a different format to previous events with workshop sessions set up so people could break out into smaller groups to discuss the things that are most relevant to their sector. A very good event for Retronix with a chance to catch up with old contacts and a chance to meet some new as well.”

If you have any devices you need counterfeit checks carried out on, talk to us to see what we can offer. In some cases we may find enough evidence of counterfeit after just visual inspection, in other cases this may need to go as far as decapsulation. We offer these services and all the steps in between, including extreme temperature testing to highlight parts sold as industrial that may be relabelled commercial parts.

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