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Jul 13, 2020

Reclaim and Re-Use of Connectors

Military, aerospace and harsh environment connectors are manufactured to deal with a range of harsh environments and deliver the highest quality. These connectors are commonly used for commercial aerospace, ground defence, military aerospace, military marine, missile defence, offshore and space.

As a result, these robust connectors and manufactured to (in some cases) be rated for 500+ mating cycles and are built to withstand temperature ranges from -65C to +200C. 

And what comes with that robustness, reliability and engineering is cost…. Some of these connectors can come with a price tag of well over £1k per device. 

Retronix has noted an increase in enquiries to reclaim this type of connectors from our customers failing PCB’s and have now created a process to be able to offer a reliable recovery and reconditioning service to the industry.

We already have the safest component reclaim processes in the industry and this has been refined to suit the recovery of these types of connectors so that this is now a fully controlled process that will return the connectors back to you ready for re-use.

Very rarely are these types of connectors the source of a PCB/unit failure, so rather than scrap off the whole PCB with the connectors still attached, why not use our services to recover and re condition these connectors for use in future product..?  

This also ties in with the growing Circular Economy ethos in the industry.

Some examples of recent work carried out are below:

After Removal After Retinning

This is a good option for reclaiming your valuable connectors from failing PCB’s from Retronix Ltd This offers a solution for cost reclaim, lead time issues, obsolescence and allocation.

If you have a requirement that you would like to discuss with us, please make contact via email: or use our Website Contact Us page.

Original Article published by Rob Ronan on Linkedin – Click Here

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