We have checked the PCBA you have kindly returned for our approval & I must comment on the EXCELLENT STANDARD OF REPAIR, thanks for your help and for providing an OUTSTANDING SERVICE!

Thank you for your assistance, the miracles have really helped us!

Jane Schofield, Project Buyer

Customer Feedback

The chip replacement that you performed in a few days saved us from having to replace an £ 8000 PCB. The only alternative was sending it over to Japan for repair by the manufacturer for which we were advised to expect a three month turnaround.

Customer Feedback

…. we really value the high quality work that you have completed..

this has been a great exercise for me as I have now finally found a rework partner!

“I was very pleased with the work you guys did and I don’t want to source other quotes for the same service”

Western Digital

Retronix have a unique set of skills we have not found from any other company in the world, which really help our R&D PCB modelling in terms of speed to complete, cost & most importantly accuracy of data!

Yacov Duzly

Competitive Analysis Lead in Mobile & Embedded BU

Many thanks to co-ordinate this rework activity in a very timely manner for Axiom, (quicker than what was originally agreed) !!!

The additional work that was carried out to meet our customer needs was very much appreciated by the Axiom team and the end customer, Your team working additional hours to ensure these boards were turned around in a quicker than agreed terms was excellent and was communicated to the Axiom management team in a very positive manner.

May I take this opportunity in thanking you for a job that was completed very professionally and exceeded our expectations, excellent day to day service on updated information and the daily deliveries maintained positive information into Axiom and our customer.

The step by step process of how this was achieved X ray, re-balling process, profiles etc was shared with the customer and gain this was very positive and they have also expressed their thanks.

Many thanks again
Jason Hewlett
Quality Engineer

The re-worked BGAs look like they have not been changed. Very, very clean job, even in such a confined space. I am impressed. Even the surrounding 0402 components are intact. Even better, the +5v and +3.3v short has gone away and the boards are behaving the same as the prototype.

It is comforting to know that I have a specialist organization available that can sort these problems out.

Peter G Pawsey. Sycos AES

“Great Stuff. Great Service as ever”

Richard Davies
General Manager
Ridgeway Components Ltd.

Retronix Ltd. have proven to be an innovative supplier to our company by developing and delivering Lead Free Conversion process to enable the continual use of our current stock of parts to be used on RoHS compliant products.


3D Labs Signature

Ben Nunn, Manufacturing Engineering Manager.

The Digital Technology department of the Netherlands Forensic Institute wants to thank Retronix Ltd for their successful reballing of micro Ball Grid Arrays from cellular phones. The stringent EMC measures and advanced laser reflow technique of Retronix Ltd keep the risk of data loss as low as possible which is an absolute need for forensic investigations.

Ministry of Justice
Netherlands Forensic Institute

Netherland Fornsic Institute Signature

H.J. Postema PhD, Digital Technology Department.

Retronix Ltd service is a vital resource to Nitronics Ltd, providing an excellent component test facility allowing us to have 100% confidence in the product we supply to our customers.

Nitronics Ltd
James Raeburn, Sales & Marketing Director.


Retronix Ltd have proved an invaluable partner ensuring, through their extensive testing processes, complete peace of mind and confidence as part of our hard to find and obsolescence programmes.

Their flexibility and attention to detail only adds to the invaluable service they provide as part of our quality commitment to our customers.


Nigel Rogers, Director.