Retronix fully upgrade the factory with barcode technology & a factory management system.



Retronix has implemented a new Factory Management System that is bespoke to us and allows for a higher level of control to manage our customers orders from order placement to shipping.

Barcode Technology ensures all tasks are to your specification. At all times. Guaranteed.

Fully controlled, fully traceable, pre-authorised access, time stamped – tasks.

Complete conformance to : every job, every task, every line, every process & every specification. No Exceptions.

Completed route card and task report sent to the customer for verification.

Our FMS gives our customers full traceability on their job. It also controls the scheduling of sub-tasks so none can be missed or done in the wrong order. It reduces the chance of error by stepping the operator through the task stage by stage, with clear instructions if necessary. Stops unapproved operators from carrying out a task. Give the customer a full run through of the job that was done, step by step, when and who has done it, for full traceability. It does all of this automatically, improving the efficiency of the organisation.

What the new Factory Management System will improve for Retronix and our customers?

Software is bespoke. Designed around what Retronix require today and where we plan to be in the future.

Implemented to increase productivity, reduce, and eventually remove repetition for all departments.

Pre-loaded specifications direct from YOU, our customers, easily selected and identified to ensure the product you send to Retronix is processed correctly and efficiently every time.

Easily changed processesdesigned to be flexible for new enquiries and changes to customer requirements.

Online system- Easy access for all management and partners from the office and at home.

Consumable scanning – Go/No Go function which removes any question of wrong alloys or out of date products/consumables from being used.

Easy uploading of orders, specifications, customer requirements, tracking of orders, online request for changes

What are the advantages of the new Factory Management System?

Cloud based system – User friendly, efficient and secured access. Greater process controls.

Traceability of orders and delivery dates. Fail safe measures in place for ensured accuracy.

Fully Secured – systems in place for only authorised personnel to access records. Full IP protections in place.

Authorised Trained Staff Access – each job can be performed by only trained, certified and authorised staff.

Risk Mitigation, excellent audit records, barcode technology & data fully backed up.

Control measures in place ensures process accuracy, specification conformance & quality assurance.

Transparency and full route card availability. Effective, efficient & streamlined process from order placement to shipping.


Watch a short 5 minute video which explains the features and benefits of our fully upgraded Factory –

Every job, every task, every line, every process, every operation – controlled, consistent, traceable & fully conforms to your specification – at all times.

That is why Retronix should be your go to for any high reliability solutions. Your product is in safe hands.

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