Our Team

Tony Boswell

Managing Director

Contact Tony:

E: tony.boswell@retronix.com


Gary Moffat

Sales & Technical Director

Contact Gary:

E: gary.moffat@retronix.com

Rob Ronan UK & Ireland Sales Manager

Rob Ronan

UK/Ireland Sales & Support Manager

Contact Rob:

E: rob.ronan@retronix.com

Joe Maguire - Operations Manager

Joe Maguire

Operations Manager

Contact Joe:

E: joe.maguire@retronix.com

Siobhan Bryce - Quality Engineering Manager

Siobhan Bryce

Quality Engineering Manager

Contact Siobhan:

E: siobhan.bryce@retronix.com

Maulin Buch - Marketing & Business Development Manager

Maulin Buch

Marketing & Business Development Manager

Contact Maulin:

E: Maulin.Buch@retronix.com

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Retronix factory Scotland

Retronix offer a unique set of services aimed at reducing manufacturing costs and improving production efficiency in the electronics PCBA industry. Originating in the UK, Retronix now operate in the Americas, Asia & many countries in Europe.  Quality and innovation are the two main reasons that Retronix has been – and continues to be – successful. The investment in people, factories, processes and equipment is accelerating to meet the continuing demands of the industry. Retrnix are audited by blue-chip customers and the fact that Retronix are a preferred supplier to many of the market leaders is testimony to the track record and the quality of Retronix services. Contact us , or email us on info@retronix.com | sales@retronix.com for more information.