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Jun 24, 2019

Severe leg damage on the last 10 remaining devices, crucial for a project that a customer had committed to.

A customer recently came to us with ten devices that had severe leg damage due to storage and handling issues. These parts were the last ones available and crucial for a current project that they had committed to.

The initial images that Retronix received did not initially fill us with confidence that we would be able to help them with this problem.

Leg Damage - Obsolete Part

The customer travelled to be on site for a visit while also hand carrying the devices to us, as soon as they arrived on site the devices were taken out onto the production area to be inspected and for the leg straightening work to commence.

It had been made clear to us that if we saved two it would help, but seven would be the ideal quantity to save from the 10. We had two recovered and passing ICOS coplanarity checks within two hours, much to the delight of the customers on site and back at their office.

By the end of the day we had six recovered and passing our ICOS system checks. The following day this quantity increased to a final total of eight parts recovered and passing on the ICOS system and therefore, suitable for assembly onto PCBs. 

These devices had been in and out of the customers scrap quarantine area because it was believed that these were beyond repair, but due to a demand that had to be met, they really had to explore the options to save these devices.

The customer arrived on site with ten very damaged devices, and carrying the weight of the demand for the £ million systems (these parts were due into) and left two days later with eight devices and an ICOS report confirming the coplanarity and suitability to be assembled onto PCBs.

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Original Article published on LinkedIn by Rob Ronan (UK/Ireland Sales & Support Manager)

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This is what we excel at – the customer service, the unique skills and the flexibility to be able to offer a service this bespoke within a two day timescale.