Retronix Blog

Dec 14, 2015

The Supply Chain just got shorter

Retronix has stepped up its drive to speed up IC delivery to the hi-reliability customers by axing a whole link in the supply chain.
The move is expected to help IC distributors who wish to supply to the hi-reliability markets like defence, aerospace and medical gain a competitive edge to increase market share or even enter new markets.
Until now hi-reliability OEM/CEM customers needing lead-format parts have been forced to source IC’s from distributors in lead-free solder format (SAC or Sn). Parts were then shipped out for safe conversion before being shipped back with an entirely new part number.
Now Retronix is dealing with IC distributors to supply SnPb parts with original part numbers direct to the end user.
The new process removes a huge admin headache, dramatically cuts logistics costs for the OEM/CEM and results in a streamlined supply chain.

The new process is part of Retronix’ ongoing commitment to driving efficiency in the electronic components market.

 IC Distributors gain a competitive edge working with Retronix