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Mar 13, 2020

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and its effect on supply chains.

Retronix stand with the global community in the fight against Coronavirus and wishes all our customers, suppliers and contacts the best health.

With the Coronavirus affecting all corners of the globe, the supply chain that you have been reliant on may start showing some weakening links. 

And the consensus is that the worst is yet to come, manufacturers interviewed for a recent Business Insider article believe that delays could run for between 6 to 12 weeks.  IPC Chief Economist Shawn Deprave was quoted in the same article as saying

“Most companies inventories can likely hold out until Easter.  If the outbreak leads to delays of 8 to 12 weeks however, the situation would be unprecedented”   

So, within the industry we should all be prepared for delayed deliveries, slowing production lines and staffing issues from all links in our supply chain.  Just the reduced air travel from China and limited seaborne trade routes between China and the world is enough to cause issues in the supply chain alone.

Therefore, while it is a time for the global community to come together to slow the spread and the effects of this virus by following Government recommendations, it is also a time where UK companies may have to look inwards for supplies and services to meet their end customer’s needs.

Retronix are here to support in supply chain issues you may be facing for outsourced services and components, we can offer:

Component testing – if your current overseas supplier for this service is slowed due to staffing shortages.  Also, if the supply chain issues mean you must look outside of your approved suppliers to source components then we can offer component testing on the initial batches to be able to add this new supplier to your approved list.

Alloy conversion – if parts you need for your assemblies are not available in the required alloy, we can alloy convert these parts for you to avoid you having to no bid or not be able to source.

Reclaim parts – if components you need to keep your assembly lines are suddenly pushed out by numerous weeks, then look to use our comprehensive component reclaim service to reclaim, re life and test parts you may have around you on failing assemblies.

Retronix are here to support in any way we can during these challenging times, if you are facing any supply chain issues that we can help with then please contact us via:

Or use our online quote request:

Most importantly, stay safe and follow Governments recommendations to protect yourself and those around you.