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Leadfree to Lead

Why Convert Lead Free ICs to Lead?

Many High Reliability industries are exempt from using lead free processes, they continue to use lead solder in PCB assemblies. One of the dilemmas facing this industry though is sourcing lead ICs. Lead free is by far the most dominant process in terms of volume. Therefore IC manufacturers are more reluctant to design lead ICs as the small volumes make it uncompetitive.

Therefore the Hi-Rel industries have to convert lead free ICs to lead in their processes.

Retronix has the only process in the world that does this safely, i.e. without any reflow cycles that could damage the IC by exposing it to more reflows than are recommended.

How is this done for BGA’s?

  • Lead free spheres are removed by an air knife in an automated process – no reflow or abrasion to damage the resist or pads.
  • New spheres are attached by laser – no reflow
  • Retronix also have auto clean, AOI inspection for mechanical properties, and electrical test to verify the process.


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Process compliant to ANSI-GEIA-STD-0006 | For more information on Lead Free to Lead solder conversion please contact us by clicking here – Contact page