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Jul 9, 2015

An Obsolescence Solution : Safe Recovery of IC’s for Reuse; proved to be popular among participants at IIOM Conference held at Edinburgh,Scotland

From 16th – 18th June the inaugural International Institute of Obsolescence Management (IIOM) Conference & Exhibition was held at Edinburgh,Scotland. The aim of this conference was said to be the following by IIOM – 

“Obsolescence is inevitable. It affects each and every product and its incidence has always been a significant factor in whole life planning. However, provisions considered adequate just a few years ago may fail to meet the demands of the current economic climate. Technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate and the market place is changing. Obsolescence timescales, once measured in decades, are now much shorter; just a few months in some cases. Established, previously reliable, sources are disappearing and it’s not unusual to find that spare parts and servicing are no longer available…”

Retronix have a industry leading process already in place to address this issue by way of a safe component recovery process.  A service offering that recovers and reworks the IC within manufacturers specifications of staying within 3 reflow cycles. Whether they are BGA’s or any other Leaded Devices and irrespective of how densely populated the board is; Retronix have an automated and safe way to recover these components.

At the IIOM conference which was very well attended with representation from many relevant critical industries (20-25  different companies and 80-90 members) Mr.Tony Boswell presented and spoke about Obsolescence Solutions and how safe IC recovery is going to be one of the methods to effectively tackle the issue of obsolescence. The participants were interested in this as a solution, and were very engaged in what Tony had to say; at the end of the presentation the participants had a lot of questions; signifying a genuine interest in the safe IC recovery process.

The official feedback from the organisers of IIOM re-inforced the popularity of our presentation and interest in the Retronix Solution : 


Retronix at IIOM - Safe IC Recovery Method

If you wish to view or download the presentation, and see the list of questions with the answers; please click here and we will send across all the information to you.

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