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Aug 4, 2020

Why pay for Long Term Storage of devices?

The GEIA-STD-0003A is very comprehensive and covers all aspects of long term storage.

Companies spend a lot of money on storing devices for use in the future: Obsolete Parts, Devices which are on extended lead-times, devices which are bespoke to their applications and not available off the shelf, parts which have an effect on the build schedule etc. are the reasons why long term storage of devices is done.

How are the devices stored?
Companies will re-seal and vacuum pack trays of devices, then some go even further by storing in Humidity cabinets or even Nitrogen cabinets

But here in lies the problem, these measures are not guaranteed to work, to maintain perfect storage conditions at all times is expensive, especially if you have to partially use the devices from time to time.

What then is a better option?

The better option is not to spend money on storage and to put them safely on a shelf, and when devices are needed – Retronix can carry out a range of services for you : We can do a sample solderability test to find out if your parts are useable, if not we can refresh the alloy to return the components to ‘as new’ condition in terms of solderability, we can then bake and repack to reset the clock on the MSL level

Retronix will have a pre-arranged and agreed deal with you which will make the process smoother and with that, not only will this be more cost-effective but also more efficient. All while conforming to the GEIA-STD-0003A

Long Term Storage Proposed Method - GEIA-STD-0003A