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Oct 23, 2018

Time for a mindset change..?

Original Article published on LinkedIn by Rob Ronan (UK Sales & Support Manager)

For a market dominated by technological advancements, the electronics sector is also an industry with some outdated institutional ideas. There is a seam of “but that’s how we have always done it” running through a lot of companies, and that does not allow them to take advantage of new services and options that some of their competitors with a more open-minded opinion with regards to new technologies and services have.

I have seen this first hand, and it is understandable to a degree, the “if its not broken why fix it” and “too much of a risk” attitude does have a place, but not if it is at the expense of progress, cost savings and delivery dates. Most companies will have some procedures that were written, for example, 10 years ago that they have not reviewed since then. And for an industry that is always advancing, that seems rather counterproductive to me.

Decisions are made on past errors, and procedures written to ensure that these errors never happen again, which is exactly the correct thing to do in an industry like ours. But, those procedures need to be reviewed as technology progresses and new ideas are brought into existence. Everyone in a company will know a handful of things that are just never considered as an option due to history and possibly a previous costly mistake.

One of these “written in stone” ideas with a lot of electronic companies seems to be:


And this is mostly based on a past mistake or just a general idea that this is a too risky a process. But in the current climate of allocation, long lead times and obsolescence, can you really afford to be sitting on a bone pile of PCBs with thousands of pounds worth of the same components that your purchasing department are pulling their hair out trying to source and battling against 25+ week lead-times..? That is not productive for anyone.

Previous reclaiming attempts may well have been unsuccessful and that is why this is not an option within your company. But things have changed, the reclaiming service that Retronix offer is not simply:

1)     Remove part (with risk of overheat damage)

2)     Inspect devices

3)     Use on new assemblies

4)     Not find out that this part is now damaged until final test stage….

Our wide range of services to the electronics industry allow us to offer a complete service for reclaim and re use of components. With the safest removal procedures in the industry, terminal re life options, testing, X-Ray and re reeling – Retronix offer a much more robust service and this has seen a mindset change in a lot of our customers who have seen the benefits of our services. Their procedures no longer say “No Reclaim and Reuse” but rather list Retronix as the only approved suppler of this service.  And their purchasing departments are very grateful for that…!

Retronix offers a complete service for reclaim and re use, this is detailed below:

1)     24 hr Pre bake the PCBs

2)     Identification of parts to be removed

3)     Safe removal process that does not expose the internal of the part to reflow temperatures

4)     Lead coplanarity check if a leaded device

4a)         Automated lead straightening for leaded devices

4b)        Re tinning using customer specified alloy  

4c)         XRF report generation to indicate alloy composition

5)     Residual solder removal from pads if a BGA or BTC device

5a)         Laser attach of fresh spheres to customer specification

5b)        Sphere coplanarity checks

5c)        XRF report generation to indicate alloy composition

6)     Test device to datasheet specifications (option of temperature testing)

7)     Visual inspection and/or X-Ray

8)     Re reeling or placement into trays*

9)     24hr post bake and vacuum packed

10)  Customer specific label attach to indicate reclaimed part. Also, an option to have permanent mark applied to the devices to make it visual all through component life that this is a reclaimed part.


*Retronix can also undertake any rework required, so if you would rather we remove the parts from one board and fit to others, this is also an option.

Component Reclaim Process

Be part of the new mindset shift and talk to Retronix about how we can help your purchasing team retain their hair during this very challenging time for electronics sourcing.


We are happy to carry out free of charge samples to assist you to prove the process and the benefits to your company.

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Original Article published on LinkedIn by Rob Ronan (UK Sales & Support Manager)

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