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Jul 7, 2014

Solutions for Component Suppliers

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A component supplier bought a large quantity of excess ICs from a cellphone manufacturer. In the mix were everything which included :

– New memory chips which were unused

– Processors which had been lifted from PCBs and were suspected to be good

– Electronic Components with paste on them, but not reflowed

The component supplier already had a willing buyer, an independent repairer of out of warranty phones, however the buyer was only interested and willing to take components which were known good. Here in lay the problem for the component supplier as knowing which components were good and separating out the faulty, damaged ones was not possible for the company to do. They also had to make sure all the components they supplied to the independent buyer were good as if a faulty one slips into the supply chain of the independent buyer, it will damage the reputation of the supplier.

The component supplier approached Retronix with this issue and a customised solution was drawn up for the supplier. Some components would need the Authenticity Tests where as some components would need rework.

The solution provided to the component supplier was the following:

1) New Memory Chips which were unused

Retronix wiped any programming from the ICs, identified and rejected the faulty ICs, cleaned and mechanically scanned the remainder. The components were then baked, taped and reeled ready to use.

2) Processors which had been lifted from PCBs and were suspected to be good

Retronix cleaned off the old solder and laser reballed these ICs. Then the components were electrically tested to confirm that they were not faulty. Next the components were cleaned, scanned, taped and reeled ready to use.

3) Components with paste on them, but not reflowed

Retronix cleaned off the solder paste, then electrically tested the chips to confirm functionality, then packaged them for reuse.

This gave the component supplier a clear picture of known good parts, and because they were properly tested this earned the supplier more money and protected their reputation with the customer.



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