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Apr 12, 2018

Retronix are seeing an upturn in requests from CEMs for solder addition to SMT connectors

With more assemblies being mixed technology, there is a real issue with getting the correct amount of solder down on each joint. When you are placing small and large components on the same PCB, some of those joints will suffer with shorts/solder splashes from excess solder or dry/weak/open joints from lack of solder.

Solder Connection

It seems that these types of SMT connectors are a particular weak point for lack of solder due to the wicking nature of the design. Some CEMs are having to resort to time consuming and risky second stage hand soldering to add more solder.

We have been able to help several of our CEM customers with this issue with the addition of solder to connectors before assembly to the PCB, therefore cutting out the need for second stage hand soldering, open/weak and dry joints.

We offer a FOC sample service, so if you have this issue, please get in touch with us via the Contact Form


Original Article published on LinkedIn by Rob Ronan (UK Sales & Support Manager)

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