PCB Services | XRAY Inspection

Advanced Electronics X-Ray Inspection

X-Ray Inspection Service :

Retronix offers X-Ray imaging and inspection service which allows to intuitively navigate complex Printed Cicruit Boards & Electronic Components to trace defects, counterfeit possiblities, short circuits, VOID Detection etc.

X-Ray VOID Detection :

Retronix X-Ray Service for VOID Detection

Exploded view of image showing failed sphere with 15.5% voiding. VOID detection (%) threshold is customer specific. Every sphere is calculated. Conforms to IPC 7095-P101 standard. Values can be presented in Bar Graphs if required.

3D Imaging:

Retronix X-Ray 3D Imaging

The image above is a 3D Image of a BGA Device at a 45 Degree angle. Top View Magnification 30-50x, field of view 15/0, 60 15/0, 5 (25-30 Balls) – conforms to IPC 7095B

Additional Features of why X-Ray inspection service :

Identifying Counterfeit Components –

IC inspection using 3D X-Ray imaging; also used for identification of counterfiet components.

Re-work Results and Verification –

Retronix Rework Report / Verification


Retronix use the latest technology :

X-Ray technology that allows the best unobstructed view of the BGA spheres and scanning along rows to inspect for failures. The lens is computer controlled to ensure that the image remains in focus at all kV and more importantly that the target does not burn when using high power.