PCB Modelling

Retronix offer a range of unique services for anyone having to modify or build a PCB in order to measure specific data, eg. from a single component. Applications for this include designing in a new component & failure analysis, among many others. Retronix offers advantages in terms of speed of result and cost reduction, but the main advantage is we can do all this using processes that pose much less risk to the component & PCB, so accuracy of data is better. Also we eliminate mechanical connections, which can lead to signal loss, also improving data accuracy.  

Western Digital Testimonial

Retronix, for 27 years, have specialised in the component and PCB modification for the high reliability electronics industry (Eg. Aerospace,Defence) to provide solutions for Obsolescence for example. This has led us to develop a set of processes which are unique, and work brilliantly in PCB modelling.

Following is an example of how the unique services work together for an innovative solutions, followed by a description of some of them –

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