New Product Introduction (NPI) services

One of the major costs of a PCBA New Product Introduction programme is the manufacture of prototypes. From the initial concept prototype to the final product there can be many versions, each one slightly improved from the previous.

There can be a large cost in terms of ICs used on each different version, often these are “hard to find” ICs on allocation

However there are very little differences in the chipsets used between versions, so if they could be safely removed from a previous version to be used on the updated one, then massive savings can be achieved.

Retronix IC Rescue – Safe Component Recovery Process:

Retronix’s “IC Rescue” process is unique in the industry, and is perfect for recovering NPI chipsets to allow them to be reuse

  • ICs removed from old version NPI PCB safely, with each IC receiving the minimum heat required to remove it, no thermal shock or reflow cycle applies
  • Excess solder removed from the BGAs without reflow or abrasive process
  • Laser reballed without reflow cycle
  • Automated cleaning to ensure no contamination issues
  • Mechanical & Electrical test to ensure IC is good.

BGA Reballing