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Retronix carry out a number of repairs/refurbishments to ICs such as QFP:

Lead Straightening

We can straighten bent legs on ICs (e.g. coplanarity) to allow auto placement.

IC Repair, Leg Straightening

IC Retinning

Retronix can refresh or remove the alloy from the legs of an IC and replenish it with either lead or lead free alloy, to resolve a number of issues :

Refresh Alloy, Convert Leaded to unleaded; vice versa


Old Components – Components which are old may have solderability issues which will cause problems during assembly. Retronix can refresh the alloy on these components to remove any solderability issues
Alloy Conversion – Retronix can convert from lead alloy to lead free and vice versa, and then provide an XRF test report to prove conversion was successful.

Verification tests :

Mechanical compliance – After processing, ICs are scanned to ensure compliance using an ICOS scanner. This machine checks for issues such as coplanarity, lead deviation, sweep, slant, body damage, and can then place ICs in a tape or tray

Electrical Compliance – Retronix utilises a number of electrical tests, including Curve Trace, to verify component is not damaged.

Electrical Testing, Curve Trace Test

Correct Alloy – Retronix utilises XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) testing to establish the composition of alloy on a component lead, and verify it is the correct alloy

XRF Test, X-Ray Fluorescence testing