Application Specific Reballing - LCC | LGA | QFN

Application Specific Balling and Reballing


Retronix can provide other options for the balling or reballing of ICs dependent on the particular application issue or requirements.

Reball of BGAs with High Melting Point (HMP) Spheres

  • HMP reball process ensures minimum stand-off
  • Improved mechanical integrity over a wide operating temperature range
  • Can be used for high temperature applications

Reball of BGAs with Plastic Core Solder Balls (PCSB)

  • Ensures minimum stand-off
  • Lead free process
  • Provides better path length and inductance control for RF/microwave circuits


BGA Reballing

First Time Ball Attachment of LGA/QFN/LCC Packages

  • High Melting Point (HMP) or Plastic Core Solder Balls (PCSB)
  • Increases the stand-off height
  • Improved mechanical integrity over a wide temperature range
  • Better management of package to substrate TCE differences

Laser Balling on Specialist Substrates

  • Minimal heat transfer to substrate allows ball attach without reflow
  • Can be used on glass and other substrates
  • Specialist packaging
  • Medical devices
  • WLCSP and CSP products


Reballing on specialist Electronic Components

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