Reclaim High Value BGA's from obsolete, damaged or old revision PCB's

IC rescue - Retronix's 8 step BGA recovery process

BGA Recovery


High Value IC Recovery

Every day millions of dollars of brand new components are scrapped by manufacturers because they are attached to faulty PCBs. If these components could be safely removed, and the BGAs Reballed, these companies would save huge amounts of money in recovered scrap, provide much needed “allocated” components and also reduce the amount and cost of landfill. An added bonus is that it would also seriously damage the counterfeit industry, whose raw material supply would be reduced.

Combining our rework, retinning, reballing, ICOS coplanarity testing, electrical testing and repackaging services we have a full suite of processes to enable us to safely recover, re align, re tin/ball and test your devices to give you piece of mind that the part is fully functioning when you receive it back for use in new production or the service and support of current products.

Is the chip you want to re-use the reason that the PCB failed?

It’s been well proven over time that very few of these failed PCBs are caused by bad silicon. At least 70% of scrap is created by solder paste issues alone. Retronix also puts every component through a rigorous test process to eliminate electrical and mechanical failures.

What if the component is damaged during removal or refurbishment?

Retronix offers the only safe IC recovery called IC Rescue process on the market. We carry out BGA reballing using no reflow cycles and no abrasive processes – and each part of our process is fully controlled and repeatable. Retronix laser BGA reballing localises and minimises the heat dissipated into the BGA package.