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Source the ICs you need, when you need them, at a fraction of the cost

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Slash purchasing costs and source hard to find electronic components

Field service repair companies often end up paying out large amounts of money in order to source ICs needed to affect PCB repair.

Often, by the time a unit comes in for repair, the parts are obsolete and therefore hard to find. The search for hard to find electronic components is expensive to administer, both in terms of manpower and in purchasing costs. Due to fast turnaround, repair companies have to carry stocks of parts and are often left with them after the project is complete. So, material supply for service companies carries many risks.

Retronix can help you source authentic parts at approximately 20% of their new purchase price and can stock these parts for you, free of charge. You only pay for what you use and after the project is complete, you can sell your excess parts for a profit.

Retronix can do the following for your service repair company:

  1. Get access to stocks of authentic scarce and hard to find electronic components and eliminate the risk of buying faulty, substandard or counterfeit ICs.
  2. Spend less time and effort sourcing “hard to find” parts
  3. Produce less landfill material
  4. After testing the electronic components; sell on excess parts as certified Retronix refurbishments


Retronix working with service repair companies creates synergy

At the beginning of the product manufacturing cycle, Retronix works with the service group to secure scrap PCBs from the manufacturing process.

Using our unique process, IC Rescue, we recover the unused ICs from these PCBs locally at one of our sites and store them safely and securely.

The service group then requests quantities as required at an agreed refurbishment rate, which is a fraction of the amount the components would cost if they were new. ICs are reprocessed and thorough testing of electronic components both electronically and mechanically before shipment tested.

Refurbished components are often regarded as “unsafe,” but this is only because there has never been a risk-free way of recovering them – until now.

IC Rescue: Retronix has pioneered and developed the only safe process for recovering and refurbishing ICs from faulty PCBs. Very rarely is a PCB scrapped due to faulty silicon – approximately 70% of the faults can be attributed to paste issues.

Therefore, recycling ICs can save you massive amounts of time and money – especially if the ICs you require are hard to find electronic components.

NoteThere will always be problems locating ICs as manufacturers only produce each type of component for short periods of time – often no longer than eighteen months – and the devices the components are being used in have a longer life than this.

The solution is to recycle the components from the faulty or obsolete printed circuit boards. Until now, it has been impossible to do this within the IC manufacturer’s specifications. But Retronix’s unique IC recovery process enables you to do this, saving you money and allowing you to find reliable and authentic components that may not be available elsewhere.