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No Reflow Technology : BGA Reballing / IC Recovery

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Reduce scrap costs, obtain scarce components and improve environmental efficiency

The main value of any PCB is in the ICs. By recovering and reusing ICs from obsolete or scrap PCBAs, you can save up to – or even more than – 80% of the value of the PCBA.

The amount of money wasted on scrapping faulty boards is huge and often accounts for a few percent of the total production cost. Recovering the ICs from these boards by using our IC Rescue service including BGA reballing and electronics component testing, the savings can be huge.

The current methods of disposal of scrap and obsolete printed circuit boards are to sell the scrap for the recovery of precious metals or to ship the scrap to Asia for recycling, often with disastrous consequences – many of the recovered ICs find their way back into the supply chain as counterfeit components.

It’s a proven fact that very few PCBs become scrap because of faulty silicon – 70% of faults alone are attributed to paste issues. Therefore, if the ICs could be safely recovered and tested, there would be great benefits to PCBA companies:

  • Reduce cost of scrap by up to 80%
  • Obtain new sources of hard to find components.
  • Reduce amount of material sent to landfill


The problem is that the current method for IC recovery uses too many reflow cycles. This makes it fail to comply with the IC manufacturer’s warranty condition which only allow for 3 reflow cycles for ICs .

Traditional Reballing Method

Our innovative process of recycling ICs is the best way of dealing with failed PCBs

Retronix has developed a process which uses ZERO reflow cycles to refurbish components. The second reflow cycle occurs when the component is placed on the second PCB, ensuring the process is compliant with the IC manufacturer’s specifications.

By using IC Rescue, Retronix’s unique, proven, IC recovery service your brand new, unused ICs can be removed safely and refurbished to comply with the manufacturer’s specifications – so that you can re-use or sell on with confidence.

SLASH PRODUCTION COSTS – By recovering and reusing high-value ICs, you can save up to – or more than – 80% of the total cost of the PCB.

FIND RARE COMPONENTS – Recovering ICs gives you a new source of rare components. Retronix can recover scarce components from faulty or obsolete PCBs, providing you with a supply of safe and authentic ICs.

BEAT COUNTERFEITING CONCERNS – Removing and reusing ICs with Retronix unique IC Rescue process ensures you know the source of the ICs, and avoids introducing new sources of possible counterfeit ICs into your process. Controlled, safe BGA reball and electronic component test ensure your ICs will function.

DON’T LANDFILL ICs – Recycling components (which contain harmful chemicals) rather than sending them to landfill saves money and the environment.

Retronix way of Reballing

Use pareto’s rule-extract ICs as they are 80% of the PCB value

Pareto's RuleVilfredo Pareto established a principle called the “80/20 Rule,” which states that in most events, only a small portion (20%) of the outcomes are vital and the rest (80%) are trivial.

The ICs represent 80% of the costs associated with the production of the faulty PCB, meaning that by safely recycling them with Retronix, you are concentrating your efforts on the real “value” of the failed PCB .This leads to you saving money, eliminating counterfeiting and doing your bit for the environment.