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Worried about the authenticity of your components?

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We know that it can be difficult to find a genuine and reliable supply of ICs – particularly when it comes to scarce components. Although refurbished components are sometimes frowned upon for being “unsafe” and therefore rarely used for PCB repair; they are often the only solution when it comes to scarce ICs. However, it is not the fact that they are refurbished which makes them unsafe – it’s the way the process of IC recovery is carried out.

As an IC broker, the biggest risk to your business is likely to be the loss of credibility you would suffer should you mistakenly sell faulty, substandard or counterfeit components to your customers, hence the importance of electronic components testing.

The counterfeiting market is becoming more and more sophisticated and the appearance of counterfeit components in mainstream IC supply channels more frequent. “Grey market,” parts can often seem like a solution to the problem, but it is extremely difficult to trace the origins of these components, making them unreliable and unsafe.

If you can obtain a PCB, we can remove the components locally then process them at one of our centres. Having the original PCB makes it much harder to counterfeit the ICs and ensures they undergo a safe refurbishment process.

Securing “Pedigree” components for your customers

Retronix can help you to eliminate the threat posed by faulty, substandard and counterfeit components by offering the best electronic component testing service.

Stories about counterfeit components appearing in the defence, medical and aerospace industry are cropping up at an alarming rate. The counterfeit problem is fast-spreading and dangerous, but there are ways that you can fight back against counterfeit and ensure that only authentic and reliable components reach your customers.

By using our IC recovery, BGA reballing and testing services, you can ensure the authenticity of your components and, providing that the parts meet our strict standards, we’ll give them our certification of approval so that you can re-use or resell the components with confidence.

Our innovative and unique process, IC Rescue is the only way to safely recover ICs from PCBs. It meets the IC manufacturer’s specifications by using ZERO reflow cycles to remove the component – current unsafe methods of IC recovery use five reflow cycles.

With our guarantee of authenticity, you will have complete peace of mind and will be able to sell your refurbished ICs to the marketplace with absolute confidence.

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Retronix IC ServicesFACT: In 2011, 1,800 cases of counterfeit electronics, covering 1 million suspect parts, were found in US weapons systems
FACT: Up to 10% of technology products used worldwide contain counterfeit components and an estimated 30% to 40% of components available on the market are suspected to be counterfeit
FACT: Consequences can be fatal for vehicles and communications systems which contain substandard or counterfeit components
FACT: These counterfeit, substandard and degraded components are a serious threat to the $165 billion dollar industry. But they do not just mean lost revenue – their unreliable nature and lack of traceability can also lead to disaster.