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Aug 17, 2017

Retronix work with High Reliability OEM’s/CEM’s and their IC Suppliers; this results in an ideal ecosystem for massive cost savings.

In a regular operating procedure, High Reliability OEM’s and CEM’s such as the Defence, Military, Medical, Aerospace etc. in their projects require a batch of electronic components. Since they are a part of critical industries where failure of electrical systems is not an option they are exempt from using only Lead Free components. Lead solder components have stood the test of time and are known to be safe when applied in extreme or harsh environments.

Most of the commercial electronics industry has moved away from Lead solder components because of health and safety reasons. As a result there was massive demand for Lead Free IC’s in the industry and manufacturers of IC’s moved away from Lead Solder components. Most of the IC suppliers started stocking Lead free components due to the industry demand.

This posed a huge problem for exempt High Reliability Industries, because they required Lead Solder IC’s and were in most cases forced to buy their batch of components in Lead Free Format. They would then have to get their IC’s converted from Lead Free to Lead Solder; and once this was done; would the IC’s be ready to be applied on their systems.

Working with Retronix whether it is with the High Reliablity OEM’s/CEM’s or the IC Suppliers; created an ideal work flow which not only reduces huge administration inefficiences, and costs for the High Reliability OEM’s/CEM’s but also presents the IC suppliers an opporutnity to have a competitive edge, allowing them to enter or increase their market share in the lucrative Defence, Aerospace industries!

Benefits to the High Reliability OEM’s / CEM’s : Retronix directly work with authorised IC Suppliers after an agreed arrangement with the OEM/CEM; where Retronix and the IC Supplier work together to take care of all the IC Alloy Conversion requirements. As a result the high reliability customer can then directly procure Lead Solder IC’s from their suppliers. This has resulted in a massive saving of time, administration and costs to the OEM/CEM. To know more click here.

Benefits to the IC Suppliers : Working with Retronix; the IC Suppliers can offer Lead Solder IC’s directly to the Defence, Medical, Aerospace which gives them a strong competitive advantage as the High Reliability OEM/CEM are more likely to choose suppliers who offer or stock Lead Solder IC’s. This not only gives a good opporutnity to enter but also increase market share and business in this lucrative High Reliability Industry. To know more click here.

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