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May 25, 2016

Retronix leads with innovation by offering unique solutions to the IC/PCBA industry

Innovative Solutions for IC/PCBA Industry

Innovative solutions for the IC/PCBA Industry

Retronix leads with innovation and quality in the IC/PCBA industry, offering a unique set of services aimed at reducing manufacturing costs and improving production efficiency. (About Us..)

Convert full BOMs from lead free to lead solder in an automated, safe & repeatable process (…)
Raising the LGA from the PCB with solder balls allows heat to dissipate avoiding thermal balance issues (…)
Our processes convert all component types (thru hole, SMT, BGA) from Pb-free to Pb to mitigate tin whiskers (…)
Solve obsolescence issues by recovering ICs from scrap/obsolete PCBs for reuse (…)
Repair | Rework
Our PCB rework and repair services accredited to IPC and JEDEC standards offer a number of solutions (…)
Our fully automated lead straightening process of QFP, TSOP etc to allow auto placement on all components (…)
A range of counterfeit tests on your IC’s which have an unknown history, to make sure they are genuine (…)
Our full functional tests assess your components at extreme temperatures (eg -55°c to +125°c) (…)
Laser reballing of BGA is an innovative alternative to mass reflow of spheres and potential reflow cycle damage (…)

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