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Jun 9, 2016

Retronix Introduce CGA processing

Retronix have introduced Column Grid Array (CGA) processing at their UK Facility, Retronix can now offer a wide range of CGA options that offer stronger BGA connections and help with Co-efficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) issues. This is in addition to their existing capability of converting BGA/LGA’s to use HMP (High Melting Point) spheres. These spheres do not collapse so maintain standoff height.

Our HMP sphere and Pb90/Sn10 plain columns offer lower cost solutions, while copper wrap, micro coil and S-Lead are higher specification.

Hi-Reliability companies that belong to Aerospace, Defence, Medical etc. cannot afford failures in their applications.

  • Benefits :
  • Solder Columns are 10x times more reliable than balls when attaching large size IC packages to PCB’s operating in Harsh Environments.
  • Solder Columns are flexible and absorb CTE mismatch, thereby lengthening the life of the circuit.


Attach Columns with Copper Wrapping – Alloy Pb80/Sn20 with copper wrapping, Retronix also offer Pb85/Sn20 & Pb90/Sn10 in the same format.

Copper Wrapped Columns

Attach Lower cost Pb90/Sn10 plain columns


Attach Micro-Coil Springs

Micro-Coil Springs

Attach S-Leads


Retronix can offer special sizes (diametres from 250µm to 700µm) and lengths up to 4mm

Note – We are not suppliers of Columns/ S-leads, Retronix offer attachment of the different columns, S-leads as a service.

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