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Oct 20, 2014

Retronix ‘IC Rescue’ helps maximise returns for a service repair company

A service company that specialised in field repairs of telecommunication systems had a large quantity of ‘zero hour use’ brand new populated PCBs. The company had procured these large quantities so that they could carry out repairs in the event of units failing in the field.

The units did not sell in the volumes expected in the market and they turned out to be far more reliable. The end result for the service repair company was that they ended up with a large quantity of these new PCBs which they had no use for, and there was no immediate external market.


The components on the PCBs were high value; therefore the company approached Retronix for a component recovery solution. Retronix proposed ‘IC Rescue’ which is a safe, reliable and repeatable process for component recovery, which involves no reflow and no abrasion. Using this process the high value electronic components were successfully recovered from PCBs which were then offered to the market as recovered and reworked but 100% genuine, zero hour use ICs.

These electronic components were then either utilised on other PCBs which used the same electronic components; or were sold to other companies who knew that the components were recovered but also knew that they were recovered using a no reflow process which therefore conforms to the manufacturers specifications.

This allowed the service company to maximise their return on their large quantities of unused populated PCBs which otherwise would have returned no value, other than precious metal recovery.


Watch a video which explains the IC Rescue process :


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