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Nov 19, 2012

Retronix @ Electronica 2012 | Munich, Germany – Part II

The second half of Electronica continued to be busy with many visitors at the booth wanting to know about Retronix, our services like BGA reballing, IC Recovery, Anti-Counterfeit IC Testing and Alloy Conversion.
Visitors going towards the East Enterance

The BGA Reballing video and the IC Rescue video, on the booth, were grabbing visitors’ attention. Retronix services give the ability to recover, reball, rework without any reflows. The second half of the day there was maximum footfall keeping the booth extremely busy at all times and each representative from Retronix were occupied in talking to customers opportunities and explaining all the various aspects about Retronix.


Retronix Stand Layout at Electronica 2012


In the evening from 4pm onwards the whisky tasting event was organised. The second half of electronica with reference to the whisky tasting event was very popular as word had spread over the first two days about the event and therefore many more visitors dropped by at the booth for the whisky tasting event, Retronix did not mind it as the company had well anticipated the big footfall and more the visitors the better it was for the company to explain its services and discuss business over some fine Scotch. The event again was declared a resounding success as many discussions turned into real opportunities and subsequently in the future a continuing business relationship.
For Retronix, Electronica 2012 has been productive in terms of brand enhancement and also business development and this concludes the story of Electronica for 2012.
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