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The second half of Electronica continued to be busy with many visitors at the booth wanting to know about Retronix, our services like BGA reballing, IC Recovery, Anti-Counterfeit IC Testing and Alloy Conversion.

- Nov 19, 2012

Retronix was an exhibitor at the recent Electronica 2012 held at Munich,Germany over 4 days from 13th – 16th November.

- Nov 19, 2012

Retronix was one of the exhibitors at the inaugural Counterfeit Parts Avoidance Symposium held November 2nd in Phoenix AZ. Speakers included Nicholas Torelli Jr, Director of Mission Assurance, Systems Engineering at the DoD and Phil Zulueta, Chairman of the SAE G-19 committee

- Nov 8, 2012

A CEM had a large customer base of complex telecoms PCBs, and found these difficult to debug if they failed after…

- Oct 30, 2012

A cell phone company manufactured its product in Asia, but had an EU Service based operation for EMEA. The service operation had small easy fix/replacement centres scattered around EMEA, but central repair facilities for PCB debug and repair issues.

- Oct 4, 2012

A USA based OEM was looking for Xilinx parts but they could not be found within the timescale. It was offered parts by a broker in China which were advertised as “refurbished”.

- Oct 2, 2012