Often in R&D situations a BGA has to be removed from a PCB then reballed to be either re-used or tested for investigating IC failures.

- Dec 21, 2017

these parts were obsolete and were very likely to be the last 36 in the world not currently fitted to PCBs, plus the fact that the end product that these parts were destined for was a crucial part of infrastructure for our armed forces…

- Nov 7, 2017

A few examples of the risks of buying IC’s from the Grey Market, and what are the solutions, if any, in case things go wrong.

- Oct 20, 2017

There are certain types of LGA’s and QFN’s that use the pad layout using solder resist defined pads. The problem with this kind of footprint is that the slight height gap between the solder resist and the pad can lead to the creation of voids when reflowed onto a PCB.

- Oct 6, 2017

Automated Alloy Conversion ProcessWorking with Retronix whether it is with the High Reliability OEM’s/CEM’s or the IC Suppliers; created an ideal work flow which not only reduces huge administration inefficiencies, and costs for the High Reliability OEM’s/CEM’s but also presents the IC suppliers an opportunity to have a competitive edge.

- Aug 17, 2017

..and I am no different, after 13 years at a Contract Electronics Manufacturer in varying engineering and customer support roles I have plenty to tell..!

- Jun 28, 2017

One of our customers was buying some ICs which they had XRF tested before committing, in the country they had been sold in. The ICs were deemed tin/lead and so suitable, due to the presence of lead in the alloy. However…

- Jun 13, 2017