Can’t find an electronic component due to shortage in the market? Retronix are in a unique position in the industry in that we deal with component suppliers/brokers, OEMs and CEMs. As a result of this we are seeing the effect of from all three sectors and can help our customers with our Component Reclaiming Service.

- Apr 23, 2018

With more assemblies being mixed technology, there is a real issue with getting the correct amount of solder down on each joint.

- Apr 12, 2018

Series of posts which show how counterfeit components are ever so close to reaching the supply chain of High Reliability Sectors such as defence, aerospace, avionics etc.

- Mar 21, 2018

AS9100D is a quality and safety certification that is recognised worldwide and demonstrates an organisation’s compliance to the highest of standards within the aviation, space and defence industries.

- Feb 26, 2018

In the progressive climate of Electronics, Retronix are receiving more enquiries from companies at the very cutting edge of innovation and technology. The world is changing with the progression of innovation within the electronics industry.

- Jan 11, 2018

Often in R&D situations a BGA has to be removed from a PCB then reballed to be either re-used or tested for investigating IC failures.

- Dec 21, 2017

these parts were obsolete and were very likely to be the last 36 in the world not currently fitted to PCBs, plus the fact that the end product that these parts were destined for was a crucial part of infrastructure for our armed forces…

- Nov 7, 2017

A few examples of the risks of buying IC’s from the Grey Market, and what are the solutions, if any, in case things go wrong.

- Oct 20, 2017

There are certain types of LGA’s and QFN’s that use the pad layout using solder resist defined pads. The problem with this kind of footprint is that the slight height gap between the solder resist and the pad can lead to the creation of voids when reflowed onto a PCB.

- Oct 6, 2017