Voiding under QFNs often occurs due to the volatiles in the solder paste becoming trapped under the pads during reflow, QFNs are particularly affected because they have no leads and, therefore zero standoff for stress absorption and potential for volatile escape.

- Nov 15, 2018

Retronix along with our Italian partners I-tronik were at the 8th Edition of ONE PASS Day held at Italy organised by E.S. s.r.l. Electronic Solution.

- Oct 29, 2018

For a market dominated by technological advancements, the electronics sector is also an industry with some outdated institutional ideas. There is a seam of “but that’s how we have always done it” running through a lot of companies, and that does not allow them to take advantage of new services and options that some of their competitors with a more open-minded opinion with regards to new technologies and services have.

- Oct 23, 2018

Retronix attended the Ministry of Defence Counterfeit Awareness Event 2018, held on 5th July at BAWA conference centre in Bristol. The aim of the workshops was to encourage debate, share leading practices and identify future joint working opportunities between MoD and the Defence Industry.

- Jul 9, 2018

It has come to our attention that someone is impersonating our Sales Director and created a fraudulent email address, it is a phishing email and an attempt to get your personal data . The email address being used to send it from is – gary.retronix@gmail.com 

- Jul 5, 2018

The importance of Memory Devices and why demand is exceeding supply, what are the available solutions, and what does the future market look like with huge strides being made – new innovations such as driverless cars, augmented reality, AI, smart homes, voice control etc.

- Jun 6, 2018

Can’t find an electronic component due to shortage in the market? Retronix are in a unique position in the industry in that we deal with component suppliers/brokers, OEMs and CEMs. As a result of this we are seeing the effect of from all three sectors and can help our customers with our Component Reclaiming Service.

- Apr 23, 2018

With more assemblies being mixed technology, there is a real issue with getting the correct amount of solder down on each joint.

- Apr 12, 2018

Series of posts which show how counterfeit components are ever so close to reaching the supply chain of High Reliability Sectors such as defence, aerospace, avionics etc.

- Mar 21, 2018