The electronic component crisis has now reached a fever pitch in automotive. Find out how our Component Recovery service can solve your obsolescence issues.

- Apr 8, 2021

The chip shortage has been a ticking time bomb, building since late last year due to a few (unrelated) supply-chain disruptions.

- Mar 19, 2021

The world’s largest carmakers are facing a critical shortage of semiconductors that threatens to hamstring production just as the industry tries to stage a comeback from a sales slump caused by the pandemic.

- Jan 21, 2021

Retronix has taken action based on government guidelines for Brexit transition. This update is as of 17th December 2020.

- Dec 17, 2020

If all current predictions are correct, then the Electronics Component sector is in for another period of shortages and allocation.

- Nov 2, 2020

The measures are not guaranteed to work, to maintain perfect storage conditions at all times is expensive, especially if you have to partially use the devices from time to time.

- Aug 4, 2020

GEIA-STD-0003A is very comprehensive and covers all aspects of how to store and how to test that the storage has been successful….But what it does not address is what you do if the storage was not successful? 

- Jul 28, 2020

Very rarely are connectors the source of a PCB/unit failure, so rather than scrap off the whole PCB with the connectors still attached, why not use our services to recover and re condition these connectors for use in future product?  

- Jul 13, 2020

This article explores the risks to components that have been in storage for over 2 years. What are the internal control standards of major OEM’s/CEM’s, are there specific standards that address this issue? What are the risk mitigation solutions?

- May 13, 2020

Retronix have an industry leading chip cap tinning process to convert your lead free devices to lead. The only company to offer a cost-effective, precise & reliable process.

- May 11, 2020