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Dec 8, 2015

NQA Management Systems – Special Audit Report

A special audit report was carried out by NQA to assess the scope of the Retronix ISO certificate.

Before the special audit –  scope of our ISO certificate No.9646 read:

” Repair, Rework and Assembly of PCB’s (including de-bug) and Electronic Components “

Opening and closing meetings were performed in accordance with the Form 335. The objective of the audit was to confirm that the management system had been established and implemented in accordance with the requirements of the audit standard relevant to the requested Extension to Scope. The meetings were attended by Siobhan Bryce (Quality Manager).
Retronix are delighted to report that the assessor has no major concerns arising from this audit as the In-House Testing Process was found to be well documented, very effective and well controlled.
After the special audit  – scope or our ISO certificate No.9646 now reads :

“Repair, Rework and Assembly of PCB’s (including de-bug) and Electronic Components. The In-House Testing of Electronic Components including Electrical Tests, XRF Analysis, Ionic Contamination Testing, Solderability and Temperature Testing.” 

Retronix ISO 9001 Certificate