Specialised Rework

Specialist PCB Rework & modifications

Retronix has a suite of services for PCB modifications that allow us to carry out very intricate and difficult PCB rework.

In the example below, we :

  • Removed a BGA from a complete PCB
  • Reballed the BGA by laser (no reflow) but left specific BGA pads without spheres
  • Placed wire adds onto the PCB to re-route the signals
  • Placed the BGA back down on top of the wire adds, and checked it with X-Ray

Specialised rework carried out by Retronix for Leonardo.


Similar rework and engineering change notice:

  • Changing a BGA or other SMT component using either hot air or infra red rework systems.
  • Changing a PTH device using an individual desoldering tool or miniwave
  • Adding wire modifications to change the circuit
  • Changing chip capacitors/resistors.


For more information contact :

Mr Rob Ronan (UK Sales & Support Manager) – rob.ronan@retronix.com
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Mr Gary Moffat (Sales Director) – gary.moffat@retronix.com
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