Retronix Solder Stacking as a lower cost alternative to Column Grid Arrays

Solder Stacking


Retronix offer a wide range of CGA options that offer stronger BGA connections and help with Co-efficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) issues.

  • “Solder Columns are 10x times more reliable than single ball attach when attaching large size IC packages to PCB’s operating in Harsh Environments.”
  • “Solder Columns are flexible and absorb CTE mismatch, thereby lengthening the life of the circuit.”


  • High Melting Point (HMP) spheres reball process ensures minimum stand-off
  • Column instantly assembled from HMP spheres
  • Solder connection to IC, as it’s HMP, will never reflow again.
  • Available in different widths and sizes
  • Improved mechanical integrity over a wide operating temperature range
  • Can be used for high temperature applications

Other Column options :

Attach lower cost Pb90/Sn10 plain columns :

Attach Micro-Coil Springs

Attach columns with Copper Wrapping –

Attach S-Leads

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