Laser Reballing Service

Retronix are the benchmark for an advanced and reliable laser reballing service.

This reballing system provides repeatable solder bumping technology for packaging optoelectronic devices, MEMS, sensors, BGA’s, CLCC’s, CSP’s, Flip Chips and many more. Solder ball reflow is performed by a laser system.

Retronix are the only company to offer Laser Reballing, mitigating the need for an additional reflow thus protecting the device. With the introduction of the latest laser technology this gives Retronix the ability to laser Leaded, lead free and high melt solder balls (HMP) down to 250 microns.

Retronix are the only company with approvals from high reliability industry leaders such as Leonardo Company, BAE Systems, Martin Baker Air Craft Company . Many more companies are realising the need to minimise the amount of reflows you give any single component therefore using a laser to perform the reballing is the only way to guarantee that there is no long term damage to the silicon.


  • Single-step solder ball placement and reflow
  • Flux-free reflow with laser
  • No special tooling required
  • No additional reflow required
  • Solder-ball diameter from – 250µm to 760µm
  • High solder alloy flexibility – Eutectic SnPb, High-lead SnPb, Lead-free SnAg, SnAgCu, etc.
  • In-line capability & High throughput
  • High accuracy axis system
  • Automated fiducial alignment
  • Ball rework and repair capability
  • 3D Camera – Height auto measurement
  • 2D bump-inspection systems
  • Integrated laser power sensor
  • Solder rework & reballing station
  • Automatic handling/robot system
  • Tray Unit


  • HDD (HGA, HSA, Hook-Up)
  • Flip-chip, BGAs, cLCC’s, CSPs
  • 3D packaging
  • 4- to 12-inch wafers
  • Repair/rework of BGA-like packages
  • Optoelectronics/Micro-optics
  • MEMS
  • Camera modules
  • Wafer bumping

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