Retronix Blog

Apr 20, 2020

Covid-19 Update : Retronix factory operations resume.

We wanted to communicate to our customers and partners that Retronix are resuming factory operations and are open for business as of 20th April 2020

Retronix are able to continue delivering our services to customers whilst ensuring the health and well-being of our workforce.

As a responsible employer we have introduced the initiatives below that allow employees to work safely and enable Retronix to continue to support our customers.

  • Social Distancing guidelines continue to be implemented across the facility, with workbench re-organisation and factory layout alterations.
  • Shift work has been introduced to dramatically reduce the number of people on site.
  • Hygiene and cleaning provisions have been increased. Face masks have also been bought.
  • All employees that can work from home are doing so until the lockdown restrictions are in place.

Our intention is to take every measure we can to ensure our company continues to operate and provide our services. Working on this together, with our workforce and customers we will achieve this.

Retronix stand with the global community in the fight against Covid-19 and wishes all our customers, suppliers and contacts the best health, thank you for your support.