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May 17, 2016

How a company successfully re-used IC’s from over 15 year old PCB’s

A Telecoms company had to make a new batch of an old control PCB’s. The IC’s required for this were no longer available in the market and were hard to find through any franchised / non-franchised distributors.

Luckily they had stock of the main IC’s on the PCB, which they had bought and stored away 15+ years before. The PCB’s were manufactured, but when tested they found it had a raw PCB fault that basically scrapped everyone of them.

For the new batch they could re-make the PCB’s, but could not find some of the IC’s, and many they could find were from “unknown” sources that could not be trusted. There was a danger of procuring a counterfeit or fake batch.

The Telecom company then contact Retronix for the IC Recovery Process, to recover the main IC’s from their old scrapped batch.

All IC’s recovered go through : Solderability Test — Retinning (if required) — Mechanical Inspection — Electrical Test (optional) before they are mounted on the new PCB.

In the end Retronix recovered all the IC’s with their “no reflow cycle”, and all the IC’s were mounted onto the new PCB’s with 100% pass rate.


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