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Sep 9, 2019

Circular Economy – $ Billion Opportunity being overlooked!

Circular Economy is essentially an approach where all materials & components are kept at their highest value at all times & waste is designed out of the process. Product as a service, Asset sharing, Life Extension & Recycling (1) all achieve this.

What is the economic value of e-waste?

E-waste is now the fastest-growing waste stream in the world.(2)

  • 1.46 Billion smartphones sold in 2017
  • ~ $110 component value per phone in retail
  • Raw material recycling = ~ $11.5B in cost savings (3)
E-Waste Mapping

Current forecasts indicate there will be approximately $62.5 Billion in E-waste annually.

A number higher than the GDP of most countries! Moving to the circular economy approach is the key to drastically cutting out e-waste and impacting your business bottom line!

The Retronix Solution to support your Circular Economy needs!


Today, millions of dollars of components are scrapped within manufacturing & repair/rework processes. Money is being thrown away!

Retronix Can –

  • Safely remove high value components
  • Re-life & test to your specifications.
  • Tape & reel, vacuum pack to suit your process needs.
  • Consciously dispose of unusable materials.

have solutions to assist electronics companies looking to adopt the Circular Economy ethos of re-use, repair and refurbish. We have been doing this successfully for many companies for over 25 years.

Want to know more?

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