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Oct 20, 2017

When you buy from the grey market, what can go wrong, and can it be fixed?

Issue : ICs have solderability issues

What caused it? : Old ICs, where the packaging is out of date. Over time they have oxidised (rusted)

Can it be fixed? : YES

How? : Auto dip them to refresh the solder alloy, and verify solderability issue has gone by carrying out a sample solderability test.

Issue : IC has the wrong alloy

What caused it? : Old IC’s eg. manufactured with tin/lead finish and needs lead free (or vice versa!)

Can it be fixed? : YES

How? : Convert alloy using autotin then do a xrf test to verify alloy is now correct

Issue : ICs fail Curve Trace (Electrical Test)

What caused it? : Either faulty ICs, or removed from PCBs and reprocessed not using a safe process, or deliberate attempt to disguise them as something else.

Can it be fixed? : NO

How? : Curve trace will pick up electrical differences pin to pin between known IC and one which is faulty/counterfeit

Issue : IC has bent legs

What caused it? : Poor handling of old ICs

Can it be fixed? : YES

How? :  Auto lead straightening then ICOS test

Issue : IC has warping

What caused it? : Poor removal from PCB, incorrect temperature ramp or no pre-bake

Can it be fixed? : NO

How? : ICOS measures mechanical size of IC, so will pick up warping. However it’s a sign of permanent damage so should not be used.

Issue : IC has substrate damage

What caused it? : Poor process for removal from PCB and reprocessing

Can it be fixed? : YES, however any internal damage sustained in the process cannot, and will be found with electrical testing.

How? : FR4 damage can be filled in, and new soldermask added to avoid eg. shorting of BGA spheres.


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