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Dec 17, 2020

Brexit Statement – as of 17th Dec 2020

On 01 January 2021, the UK will be leaving the EU Customs Union and Single Market. 

Although there is still some clarification required from governments on the outstanding question of a trade deal, Retronix has taken necessary steps to mitigate risk regardless of that outcome. 

We are in as strong a position as possible to deal with the anticipated changes. We have followed the government advice on Brexit Preparedness, the areas where we have taken action are outlined below:


  • Obtained required EORI (Economic Operators Registration and Identification) number for imports and exports.
  • Applied and approved for simplified measures for imports and exports.
  • We have checked our legal obligations regarding import and export duties – as the shipments we receive and send currently do not attract duty, nor will they in the future model, then we see no change required.
  • We know the additional customs declarations that we will need to complete and the commodity/customs/tariff codes that must be applied.
  • As an extra measure and safety net we are approved under IPR (Inward Processing Relief) which is a recognised system for handling customs and shipments and can act as a backup for EU trade if required.
  • Applied for a deferment account meaning goods can be cleared and delivered more quickly.
  • We do not require any special licence to import or export the goods – so no action required under new model.
  • Guarantee from both parties (UK & EU) of Basic Air & Road Connectivity for the first 6 months no matter the outcome of Brexit talks to ensure smooth transition.


  • Appointed an external Customs Agent who has been with us since April 2020.  They have experience of assisting with customs clearances and requirements between UK and Rest of World, including EU. Their service is 24/7 and they are already working with us on USA shipments, so they are familiar with our company, services and customer base.
  • Employed an experienced logistics Co-ordinator working directly for Retronix in December 2020.  One of the reasons for this addition is to deal with any Brexit or customs situations/requirements.
  • We have participated in online training courses provided by the government and logistics professionals to ensure our knowledge of requirements is comprehensive.

We believe that Retronix has done everything possible to prepare for trading efficiently with our EU partners/customers post 01 January 2021.

We will continue to monitor any requirements and communicate with you all as quickly as possible on anything affecting your customers/orders. 

We do not know details of your own countries legislation/requirements changes due to Brexit – we have only looked at this from a UK standpoint – so it is important for you to understand any local requirements and communicate them to us.

We look forward to working with our partners, agents, and customers on making the transition as smooth as possible and we are confident we will do this with your support.

Click Here to download the PDF version of this statement.