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Oct 9, 2015

Automated IC Repair Solutions to Fix Bent Pins (Legs) / IC Lead Straightening / Automatic Leg Realignment

From the early days of the electronic manufacturing industry until present day, there has been a continuous increase in demand for smaller devices within products, and because of this, Process Engineers and Surface Mount Machine Engineers have been faced with a number of issues such as QFP’s being rejected by the placement cameras due to bent legs on the devices.
To the human eye, it is almost impossible to see the leg variation on each device which is why the machine camera must be used as it can identify up to 85 microns on the IC. The solution to this is assuring correct rework of these devices and accurate inspection to ensure the next placement goes smoothly.
Retronix has introduced automation of both parts of this straightening process. Our automatic leg realignment systems guarantee there will be no manual interference in the repair process. Each individual part is picked up, reworked and placed back on to its JEDEC tray with no involvement of human interaction making sure no other physical damage can occur. This process is safe, reliable and ensures complete satisfaction for all our customers.
Have a look at a video showing our IC lead straightening process in action:

IC Lead Straightening

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